3rd Oct 1914, Local War Notes

Weekly collections have been made amongst the employees in several departments of the Rugby Co-operative Society, and at a meeting held recently it was decided to give £3 3s to the local Distress Fund, and to appoint a committee to meet regularly and decide as to the funds to which future subscriptions are to be devoted.

Three hundred horses have gone for war purposes from the North Warwickshire Hunt. The M.F.H (Mr G F Jackson) states that 65 members of the Hunt have joined the Army, and that 10 horses were taken from his own stud.
As an indication of the effect the war will have on fox-hunting this season it may be mentioned that at the cub-hunting meet of the North Warwickshire at the Bull and Butcher Wood, Princethorpe, last week there was, in addition to the Hunt officials, only one horseman out—Mr Carl Pearman, of Ryton.

The Rugby and District Ploughing and Hedgecutting Association have decided to cancel for this year their annual competitions. This decision has been arrived at on account of the shortage of agricultural and agricultural horses owing to the outbreak war.

On Monday night two families of Belgian refugees arrived at Clifton-on-Dunsmore, and have been comfortably housed at the club, where a parlour, a kitchen, and bedrooms have been set apart for them. The party consists of an old couple and two sons, and another couple with two daughters. They are typical Belgian peasants—very clean, nice people. They come from the neighbourhood of Louvain, and can only speak Flemish. In the hands of Mr T S and Mrs Townsend and a committee of ladies they are being well looked after, and seem as happy as the sad circumstances of their banishment from home will permit.

The rifle range recently opened at the B.T.H Works, is now in full working order, and a large number of employees have become members of the Club. The scheme for the illumination of the butt by electric light, which was designed and carried out by Mr J Scrivener, has proved a great success, and it has been decided to keep the range open for rifle practice up till 9.0 o’clock every evening. The range is also open on Saturday afternoons from 12 o’clock, and on Sunday afternoons from 2.0 p.m until 5.0 p.m.
A competition was held on Saturday afternoon, between the B.T.H Fire Brigade and a Works’ team captained by Mr Lagoe. The teams consisted of ten men, each man firing five shots at 50 yards and 85 yards respectively.
The Fire Brigade won by 109 points. The top score was made by H English for Mr Lagoe’s side, viz, 73 out of a possible 100 ; Engineer F Starmore being topscorer for the Fire Brigade with 64. The totals were : B.T.H Fire Brigade 436, Mr Lagoe’s team 327.
The committee propose to start a monthly competition for silver teaspoons. Other competitions have been arranged, and three handsome medals, presented by the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs, are to be shot for during the course of the next few weeks. These will be handicaps. The range is now equipped with nine large steel targets and nine rifles of the converted Martini pattern, and as further members join the number of each will be increased so that there will be as little waiting as possible during shooting practice.
With a view to encouraging members to possess their own rifles, a “ Gun Club ” has been formed whereby one rifle is purchased every week and balloted for amongst the members, who pay 1s each per week for 35 weeks.

WANTED, 600 MEN between the age of 19 and 35. Late N.C.O.’s to the age of 45 years.
Recruiting for the Rugby District will commence on MONDAY, October 12th, at THE DRILL HALL, PARK ROAD, RUGBY, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.