11th November 1918 – Armistice Day

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month the armistice took effect.

The fighting stopped.

But the story of the Rugby Men who went to fight was not yet over. More men were to die. Of wounds, or the Influenza that killed many; both military and civilian.

Our project will continue until all the men on the Rugby Memorial Gates have been remembered. The last Rugby man to die was on 30th June 1919, fighting in Russia.

Over the last four years there have been some men we missed – discovered after their centenary had passed. We will be adding them to this blog during December.

There are a few who we think survived the war, but were listed by mistake.

Then there are the handful who we have not been able to identify. We have done our best but some will have to remain unidentified. There is a list elsewhere.

The reports from the Rugby Advertiser will continue for the time being, recording the town as life returned to normal.

This blog will remain as a memorial to the Rugby men who fought and died.

Workmen position the wreaths on Rugby Memorial Gates, following the Centenary Remembrance Parade, Sunday 11th November 2018.


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