Andrews, Melvin Bruce. died 8 Apr 1917

Melvin Bruce Andrews was born on 4 July 1894, at Six Lakes, Michigan, U.S.A. The second son of Thomas and Sarah Maria Andrews. There were three sons. All born in Michigan, U.S.A. William Legh Andrews, born Greenville (17 Sept 1981 – 20 Sept 1913), John Wroxall Thomas Andrews, born Lancing (19 June 1896 – 5 May 1965).

Thomas was a farm foreman and lived at Only Fields, near Barby at least from 1902 until his death in 15 December 1906. The remaining family were living in Bath Street in 1911. John W T Andrews served an apprenticeship at the B.T.-H. and a draughtsman for the electrical equipment manufacturer.

Known as ‘Bruce’, M B Andrews was 22 years old when he died. He was a member of the St. Andrews church and their supplementary choir. He had been apprenticed to J J McKinnell in the grocery trade. Subsequently he worked in the cashier’s office of British Thomson-Houston at Rugby.  

He had joined the Royal Flying Corps, as 3rd Air Mechanic, from the B.T.-H. only five weeks before death. He was based at Ascot flying park. Andrews died of bronchial pneumonia, following measles, at Aldershot Isolation Hospital on the 8 April 1917.

Bruce Andrews was buried with full military honours in the Rugby town cemetery, Clifton road on 20 April. R.F.C. personnel from Lilbourne airfield were present and a firing party from Warwick attended. The last post was sounded.

Grave of M Bruce Andrews, Clifton Road Cemetery



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