4th Dec1915. Lord Derby’s Scheme, part 2


Recruiting at Rugby Drill Hall has been fair during the past week the great majority of the recruits enlisting under Lord Derby’s group system. The proportion of married and single recruits has been about equal.

The armlets for those who have been attested have not yet arrived, but it is anticipated that they will be available for distribution shortly.

A number of ladies have given their assistance to the authorities during the last fortnight, and have rendered valuable service, with the result, that everything is being kept up to date and in readiness for the time when the groups are called up.

Recruiting under the Derby scheme will cease at 4.30 p.m on Saturday, December 11th, and the authorities urge the necessity of every eligible man becoming attested before that date. Intending recruits must take their registration cards to the Drill Hall, on account of the number of fraudulent enlistments, and married men must also produce their marriage certificates and certificates of the birth of their children.


The following additional men have enlisted at Rugby under the Group System in connection with Lord Derby’s Recruiting Scheme.


Poole, Frank, 178 Cambridge Street, Rugby

Bosworth, Edward Victor, 46 Abbey Street, Rugby

Timms, Edward George, 33 Pinfold Street, New Bilton

Hart, John George, The Green, Hillmorton

Collins, George Thomas, 45 New Street, New Bilton

Clarke, Fredk Charles, Five Houses, Clifton

Marlow, Arthur John, Welford, Rugby

Atkinson, John Norman, 37 Windsor Street, Rugby

Gilks, Percy Wm, Catthorpe Towers Gardens

Hardman Ernest France, 26 Murray Road, Rugby

Wiggs, John Henry, Caldecott Street, Rugby

Goodyer, George Henry, 7 Craven Road, Rugby

Linnell, Edwin Frank, 60 Sun Street, Rugby

Ollier James, 169 Abbey Street, Rugby

Walters, Percy James, 32 Sun Street, Rugby

Lee, Harold, 74 Windsor Street, Rugby

Morgan, Robert, 62 Windsor Street, Rugby

Partridge John, 76 Windsor Street, Rugby

Freed, Ernest Fredk Valentine, 19 Market Place, Rugby

Beard, Percy Frank, Monks Kirby

Abell, Robert Henry, 55 Manor Road, Rugby

Phipps, Harry Purdie Thos, 101 Claremont Rd, Rugby

Boneham, Francis William, Kings Newnham

Elkington, Wm Charles, 34 Bennett Street, Rugby

Foulds, Ernest James, George Hotel, Bilton

Bland, Wm Arthur, 1 Pinders Lane, Rugby

Collier, John, March View, Crick

Wright, George Thos, Campbell Lane, Bilton

Arnott John, 44 York Street, Rugby

Gadsby, John Henry, 21 Avenue Road, New Bilton

Robinson, Thomas, 373 Clifton Road, Rugby

Cleaver, Walter, 64 Sun Street, Rugby

Wright, Edward Thos, 96 Bath Street, Rugby

Harrison, Wilfred John Hy, High Street, Braunston

Nurser, Alfred Walter, Braunston Wharf

Edwards, Walter, 14 Abbey Street, Rugby

Swingler, Harold Fredk, 60 Cambridge Street, Rugby

Barden, Cecil James, 21 Grosvenor Road, Rugby

Threlfall, Wm James, 46 Caldecott Street, Rugby

Crane, Reg Walter, 117 Abbey Street, Rugby

Preece, Eric Charles, 22 Aylesbury Street, Wolverton

Halford, William Chas John, 102 Murray Road, Rugby

Tarry, Albert John, West Haddon

Upston, Frank, West Haddon

Burrows, Charles Edwin, 11 New Station, Rugby

Walker, Percy Ralph, 11 Union Street, Rugby

Payne, George Inwood, 13 Park Road, Rugby

Wright, Matthew Wm, 36B Abbey Street, Rugby

Bosworth, Herbert Harold, 46 Abbey Street, Rugby

Dumbledon, Ern Edgar Wm, Glendale, Cromwell Rd

Barrass, Geo Alexander, 64 Abbey St, Rugby

Harper, Reg Thomas, 4 Rokeby Street, Rugby

Coverdale, Walter Sydney, 24 Poplar Grove, Rugby

Jefferies, Frank, 13 New Station, Rugby

Smith, Thomas, 39 Abbey Street, Rugby

Pendry, Sidney Wilfred, 116 Bath Street, Rugby

Smith, Robert, 26 Newland Street, New Bilton

Wilson, Clement William, Winwick

Loomes, Harry, Stretton-under-Fosse

Conopo, Lawrence Leonard, Stretton-under-Fosse

Freeman, Wm George, 41 Oliver Street, Rugby

Robinson, Hy Arthur Clive, 132 Claremont Rd, Rugby

Garner, Thos Arthur, Hillmorton

Sawrey, James, 83 Cambridge Street, Rugby

Higham, Geo Edward, 46 Avenue Rd, New Bilton

Franklin, Edward Thos, 6 Alexandra Road, Rugby

Renshaw, Wm Regnald, 149 Oxford Street, Rugby

Sewell, Henry Wm, 46 Dunchurch Road, Rugby

Cox, Frederick Francis, Flecknoe

Curchin, George William, 29 Wood Street, Rugby

Dutton, Harold, 52 Oxford Street, Rugby

Bench, Joseph, 16 Sun Street, Rugby

Turner, Chas John Henry, 1 Graham Road, Rugby

Giles, Robert, 60 Sun Street, Rugby

Tilcock, Charles Wm, 19 Wood Street, Rugby

Jelly, John Henry, 1 Graham Road, Rugby

Adams, Wm John Barnes, 19 Wood Street, Rugby

Marlow, Edwin, 165 Abbey Street, Rugby

Foster, Cyril Harvey, 53 Temple Street, Rugby

Smith, John Albert, Byfield

Terry, Ambrose Joseph, 186 Murray Road, Rugby

Barnett, Francis Henry, 5 Gas Street, Rugby

Lockhead, Kenneth Geo, 26 Manor Road, Rugby

Erbach, Philip Arnold, 26 Manor Road, Rugby

Colbourne, Harold Wm, 15 Avon Street, Rugby

Batchelor, William, 15 New Station Row, Rugby

Barker, Henry James, 34 South Street, Rugby

Burdett, Albert Leonard, 87 Albert Street, Rugby

Rose, Charles Frank, Flecknoe

Willis, Ralph, 40 Oxford Street, Rugby

Jones, Frederick, 76 South Street, Rugby

Shipp, William, 37 Chapel Street, Rugby

Lambert, Arthur Percy, Ashby St. Ledgers Gardens

Sutch, Samuel, Wolston

Kinch, Harry, Woodford Halse

Chesney, Samuel, 24 Lodge Road, Rugby

Robinson, Chris, 6 Fitzroy Gdns, Newbold Road, Rugby

Tomlinson, Frederick, 171 Abbey Street, Rugby

Hickman, Chas Henry, 20 Oxford Street, Rugby

Mace, Albert Edwd, Lower Street, Hillmorton

Pearson, Joshua, Marton

Timms, Victor Emmanuel, 174 Murray Road, Rugby

Cave, Coote, 148 Railway Terrace, Rugby

Waters, Arthur Thos, 49 James Street, Rugby

Muddiman, Frank Albert, The Green, Long Lawford

West, Eustace Chas, Hill Farm, Brinklow

Reilly, Frank Joseph, 1 Lodge Road, Rugby

Brooks, William Frederick, Flecknoe

Cleaver, George Henry, 6 Market Place, Rugby

Ruddle, George, 30 Rokeby Street, Rugby

Stratton, Richd de Fontaine, 100 Railway Trce, Rugby

Bryan, Percival, Newbold-on-Avon

Bennett, George, 16 Union Street, Rugby

Treadgold, Geo Leeson, 95 South Street, Rugby

Clarke, Wm Henry, 5 York Ct, Dunchurch Rd, Rugby

Ingram, William, 33 Rokeby Street, Rugby

Hoskins, Herbert Chas, 74 James Street, Rugby

Capell, George, Brinklow

Such, Walter Cyril, 5 Princes Street, Rugby

Edgcombe, Sidney, 142 Bath Street, Rugby

Gilbert, James, 70 Clifton Road, Rugby

Cash, Joseph, 25 Craven Road, Rugby

Leasdale, Geo Edward, Upton, Banbury

Rodhouse, George Frederick, Braunston

Cromwell, Arthur, 2 Market Place, Rugby

Turner, Walter Septimus, 22 Campbell St, New Bilton

Arthur, Edward, 128 Wood Street, Rugby

Wood, Wm Charles, 16 Wood Street, Rugby

Norton, Joseph, 85 York Street, Rugby

Parrott, George William, 19 Wood Street, Rugby

Agnew, John William, 23 Manor Road, Rugby

Hosking, Randall Garfield, 3 Bilton Road, Rugby

Collingham, Robert Hugh, 9 Murray Road, Rugby

Spreson, Thomas Adams, 12 Cross Street, Rugby

Gulliver, Ernest Harry, 7 Winfield Street, Rugby

Brierly, Harry Lawrence, The Hall, Kings Newnham


Barlow, Sydney, 15 Rowland Street, Rugby

Sherwood, Hector, 5 New Street, New Bilton

Blinco, William, 5 New Station, Rugby

Woods, Arthur George, Orchard Cottage, Bilton

Crisp, Harry, 44 Craven Road, Rugby

Jelley, Cecil Harry, 38 Wood Street, Rugby

Clay, Arthur Fredk, 47 Manor Road, Rugby

Blythe, John Reginald, 77 Grosvenor Road, Rugby

Blencowe, Charles Alfred, 7 James Street, Rugby

Odell, Fredk Robert, 41 Sandown Road, Rugby

Satchell, Oliver Cromwell, 12 Sycamore Grove, Rugby

Howe, Walter James, 27 Rowland Street, Rugby

Barnett, James John, 15 Gas Street, Rugby

Winsen, Fredk James, 71 Craven Road, Rugby

Walton, Francis, Lower Street, Hillmorton

Edwins, Ernest Geo Victor, 84 South Street, Rugby

Woods, John Thomas, Orchard Cottage, Bilton

Lewin, Robert Edwd, The Stores, Brinklow

Picken, Arthur Chas Felton, Hillmorton Paddox

Adnitt, Walter Charles, Welton Station

Bartlett, Thomas Henry. 6 Sandown Road, Rugby

Chisholm, Alex Samuel, Station House, Welton

Bradshaw, Wm Alfred, 82 Murray Road, Rugby

Steele, Frederick, 12 Gas Street, Rugby

Chester, Tom, 12 Cross Street, Rugby

Cooper, Freddie, Brinklow

Franklin, Wm Edwd, 14 Acacia Grove, Rugby

George, John, 9 Corbett Street, Rugby

Smart, John James, 13 Union Street, Rugby

Morris, Wm Robert, North Kilworth

Timmins, Henry Charles, Ullesthorpe

Gregory, Harold Ethelbert, 18 Boughton Road, Rugby

Manning, Thomas Charles, Coventry Street, Southam

Wincote, George, Coventry Street, Southam

Fell, George, Mill Terrace, Southam

Luckwood, Hy Jas, 75 Cambridge Street, Rugby

Fox, Vivian Francis Alan, 227 Railway Tce, Rugby

Wain, William, Lower Shuckburgh

Giles, Frank, 29 Union Street, Rugby

Morgan, Albert, Abbey Row, Southam

Thacker, Joseph John, Harbury

Randall, Fredk John, 152 Lawford Rd, New Bilton

Dogg, Wm Harry, Station House, Marton

Payler, Fredk Stephen, Lower Shuckburgh

Williams, John Thomas, 6 Manor Road, Rugby

Gean, Geo Ernest, 20 Oxford Street, Rugby

Washbrooke, Thomas, Park Jetty, Southam

Ayres, John Wm, Lower Street, Hillmorton

Nightingale, John Thorpe, Kilsby, Rugby

Gascoigne, George, Brownsover Hall

Elliott, Wm Thomas, 44 Rowland Street, Rugby

Rowse, Joseph Yates, 13 Cromwell Road, Rugby

Underwood, Stephen Thos, The Club, Dunchurch

Nown, William Joseph, Kilsby

Holloway, William, Crick

Aldwinkle, Wm Henry, 114 Wood Street, Rugby

Burton, Walter, Myrtle Cottage, Bilton

Meeham, Richard, Monks Kirby

Oscraft, Alf James, St Aubin, Hampden Way, Bilton

Prior, Wm Henry, 14 Jubilee Street, New Bilton

Appleby, Arthur, The Grange, Church Lawford

Eames, David, School House, Watford

Nevett, Albert, Frolesworth, Lutterworth


By a new order received at the recruiting offices on Wednesday, the military authorities are prohibited from supplying the Press with any details as to the men who have applied for enlistment or those who have been medically passed and attested. We regret, therefore, that we shall not be able to give any more lists or figures concerning men who have enlisted at Rugby.

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