27th Nov 1915. Lord Derby’s Scheme


The following correspondence has been sent out for publication:—

Derby House, Stratford Place, W.
November 19, 1915.

My dear Prime Minister,

As some uncertainty exists as to the effect of the various statements recently made in Parliament and the Press on the subject of recruiting, may I endeavour to put the position in a few words ?

Married men are not to be called up until young unmarried men have been. If these young men do not come forward voluntarily, you will either release the married men from their pledge or introduce a Bill into Parliament to compel the young men to serve, which, if passed, would mean that the married men would be held to their enlistment. If, on the other hand, Parliament did not pass such a Bill, the married men would be automatically released from their engagement to serve.

By the expression “ young men coming forward to serve ” I think it should be taken to mean that the vast majority of young men not engaged in munition work or work necessary for the country should offer themselves for service, and men indispensable for civil employment and men who have personal reasons which are considered satisfactory by the local tribunals for relegation to a later class, can have their claims examined for such relegation in the way that has already been laid down.

If, after all these claims have been investigated and all the exemptions made mentioned above, there remains, a considerable number of young men not engaged in these pursuits who could perfectly be spared for military service, they should be compelled to serve. On the other hand, if the number should prove to be, as I hope it will, a really negligible minority, there would be no question of legislation.—Yours sincerely,

10, Downing Street, S.W.,
Nov. 19, 1915.

My dear Derby,
I have received your letter of to-day. It correctly expresses the intentions of the Government.—Yours sincerely.
H. H. Asquith.

Lord Derby sent the following telegram on Friday night to the joint secretaries of the Central Political Recruiting Committee, Glasgow :

“ With reference to last night’s meeting, cannot fully express my gratitude to you for all you did for me yesterday. Prime Minister has endorsed all I said, so married men need have no fear that faith will not be kept with them. Motto now :- ‘Full steam ahead ; line clear.’—DERBY.”

For more information about the Derby Scheme see here



The following have enlisted at the Rugby Drill Hall under the Group system. A considerable number of the men have enlisted under Reserve B for munition workers

[The following list of men has been sorted into alphabetical order for ease of use.]

Adnitt, Albert Edward, Yelvertoft
Adnitt, Horace Gilbert, Lilbourne
Aldridge, Frank, 152 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Allen, Charles, 11 Rokeby Street, Rugby
Anderson, Frank, Nobottle, Northants
Anderson, Robert, West Haddon
Armstrong, Frank, 29 East Street, Rugby
Austin, Wilfred, 3 Oliver Street, Rugby
Aylmer, William, 46 Craven Road, Rugby
Balsham, Arthur, 55 Wood Street Rugby
Barfoot, William Henry, Willoughby
Barnett, Alfred Henry John, Newbold-on-Avon
Barnett, Ernest Geo, The Heath, Dunchurch
Barnwell, Mark, 61 Craven Road, Rugby
Barrs, Clifford Hubert Watts, King’s Head, Lutterworth
Batchelor, Charles, 7 Addison Terrace, Bilton
Baxter, John, 8 Union Street, Rugby
Baynton, George William, Draycote Hill
Beasley, Joseph, 1 Lodge Road, Rugby
Billing, Ernest Walter, 19 Caldecott Street, Rugby
Billingham, Percy, 18 East Street, Rugby
Bishop, John, 6 Northcote Road, Rugby
Blundell, Sidney Herbert, 49 James Street, Rugby
Blundell, Sidney Herbert, 49 James Street, Rugby
Bolton, Arthur William, 1 Clarence Road, New Bilton
Bolton, Ralph James. 31 King Edward Road, Rugby
Boneham, Cyril Seymour, 8 South 8treet, Rugby
Bonnick, Arthur, 20 West Leyes, Rugby
Bowell, Bertram Ottaway, 10 Cromwell Road, Rugby
Boyes, Thomas Wm, 42 Poplar Grove, Rugby
Bradshaw, John Walter, 68 Claremont Road, Rugby
Brown, Fredk William, 11 York Street, Rugby
Brown, Leonard Charles, 90 Claremont Road, Rugby
Browne, Rowland Wilson, 1 Charlotte Street, Rugby
Burnham, Rowland George, 95 Lawford Road, Rugby
Burton, Alfred Joseph, South View, Bilton
Butcher, Isaac, Houston Road, Brownsover
Butcher, John, Hillmorton Paddox
Butler, Ralph, 58 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Cane, John Alfred, South Kilworth
Carter, Harry, 61 New Street, New Bilton
Cave, John Henry, Newbold on-Avon
Chamberlain, Austin William, Bitteswell
Chater, Thos John, 32 Bridget Street, Rugby
Clarke, Benjamin Page, 3 Graham Road, Rugby
Clarke, Thomas, Newbold-on-Avon
Clarks, Edward John, 77 Wood Street, Rugby
Clarkson, Herbert Heap, 16 Bridget Street, Rugby
Clay, Sydney, 6 Bridge Street, Rugby
Cleaver, Frederick Harold, Newton
Cleaver, Herbert Alf, 43 Windsor Street, Rugby
Clements, George Henry, 32 Chester 8treet, Rugby
Cockerill, Arthur Ernest, Kings Newnham
Colwell, William John, 38 Newbold Road, Rugby
Conopo, Basil Eustace, Stretton-under-Fosse
Conopo,John, The Green, Kilsby
Cooper, Thomas, 17 Essex Street, Rugby
Corill, William L, 135 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Cowley, Henry, 111A Clifton Road, Rugby
Cox, Ernest William, 15 Russell Street, Rugby
Cox, Fredk Andrew, Pailton Pastures
Crabtree, Bertram, 99 Wood Street, Rugby
Cross, Albert Charles, 113 Oxford Street, Rugby
Darke, Cecil, 49 Newland Street, New Bilton
Davie, Arthur Anderson, 78 Park Road, Rugby
Davies, William Herbert, School Street, Hillmorton
Davis, Levi, Harborough Magna
Day, Alfred Herbert, Old Crown Inn, Newbold-on-Avon
Day, Horace Cadwell, 45 Newbold Road, Rugby
Dean, Sydney James, 40 Oxford Street, Rugby
Deneage, Robert Napier, 54 Wood Street, Rugby
Downs, Robert, 32 Chester Street, Rugby
Dunkley, Harold George, 15 Chester Street, Rugby
Dunne, Joseph Sidney, 28 Dale Street, Rugby
Eaton, Chas, 6 Drury Lane, St Matthew’s St, Rugby
Edwards, Art Clement, Alton Hse, Boughton Rd, Rugby
Eldred, Fredk Charles, 68 Dunchurch Road, Rugby
Elliott, Harry Victor Randolf, 80 Bridget Street, Rugby
Everitt, Ernest, Birstall, Leicestershire
Facer, Percy William, 13 York Terrace, Dunchurch rd
Farmer, Fred, 24 Wood Street, Rugby
Fisher, William, 41 Lower Hillmorton Road, Rugby
Floyer, Fred Davis, 32 Abbey Street, Rugby
Franklin, Alec Edward, 37 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Franklin, Harry Greenway, 36 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Frankton, Harry, Long Lawford
Freemantle, James, 60 Windsor Street, Rugby
Freer, Harry Herbert, 7 Chester Street, Rugby
Garner, Robert Norman, Bitteswell
Gibson, Bertram, 28 Hunter Street, Rugby
Goodman, John, High Street, Hillmorton
Goring, Richard, 160 Lawford Road, New Bilton
Green, Harold, 56 Windsor Street, Rugby
Griffin, Archibald, 22 Windsor Street, Rugby
Griffith, Percy Harry, 36 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Grimes, James Alfred, 19 Corbett Street, Rugby
Gurney, Ernest, Winwick
Haddock, Vivian Otto, Winthorpe, Regent St, Rugby
Hall, Fredk George, 44 James Street, Rugby
Halsey, George Louis, 77 Lower Fish St, Northampton
Hammond, Thomas William, Hillmorton Paddox
Hammonds, Joseph, 20 Winfield Street, Rugby
Hancox, Henry, Stretton-on-Dunsmore
Harper, Fredk James, 9 New Street, New Bilton
Harris, Harvey Hazel, 23 New Street, New Bilton
Harris, Henry Robert, 81 Newbold Road, Rugby
Harrison, John Geo, 6 Vicarage Road, Smethwick
Harrowing, Arthur Clarence, 12 Paradise Street, Rugby
Harrowing, Fredk Wm, 48 King Edward Road, Rugby
Haynes, Albert Bernard, Monks Kirby
Heath, Frederick Charles, Newbold-on-Avon
Hedgetts, John, 40 Railway Terrace, Rugby
Henson, Wm Edward, 31 Bridget Street, Rugby
Herring, James Butler, 82 Bath Street, Rugby
Higgins, Edward, 30 Rokeby Street, Rugby
Hill, Arthur Edwin, 44 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Hilliman, Arthur Geo, 66B Abbey Street, Rugby
Hillyard, Sidney James, 182 Lawford Road, New Bilton
Hilton, Ernest James, 76 South Street, Rugby
Hipwell, Albert Joseph, 149 Murray Road, Rugby
Hipwell, Rowland, Newbold-on-Avon
Hipwell, Thomas William, Cement Works, New Bilton
Hipwell, William Fred, Newbold-on-Avon
Hobday, Thomas George, Stretton-on-Dunsmore
Hobley, Walter James, 46 Winfield Street, Rugby
Holden, Jonathan, 18 Hunter Street, Rugby
Hopkins, Archibald Job, Long Lawford
Horne, David George, Hillmorton Paddox
Horsley, Horace, 33 Albert Street, Rugby
Howkins, Sidney Charles, 9 Manor Road, Rugby
Hughes, Thos Franklin, 109 Manor Road, Rugby
Jefford, Herbert Henry, 26 Oxford Street, Rugby
Jeffs, Wm Alfred, 15 Temple Street, Rugby
Jonees, Roy, 133 Murray Road, Rugby
Keenan, William John, 32 West Leyes, Rugby
Kendall, Thomas, 56 Manor Road, Rugby
Kettle, Arthur Stafford, 45 Newbold Road, Rugby
Knight, Oscar, Stockton
Langham, Harry, 14 New Street, New Bilton
Latter, Arthur Edward, 95 Oxford Street, Rugby
Lawman, Bertie, 60 Sun Street, Rugby
Layton, Bertram, 24 James Street, Rugby
Lee, Thomas Walter, 37 Abbey Street, Rugby
Leslie, Robert John, 11 Wood Street, Rugby
Liddiard, Hugh Wm Conway, 55 Park Road, Rugby
Liddington, Edward, 63 Murray Road, Rugby
Linnett, Frank, High Street, Hillmorton
Lovesey, John Alexander, 18 New Station, Rugby
Lucas, John, The Locks, Hillmorton
Ludlow, Wm Chas Robt, 109 Clifton Road, Rugby
Mackinnon, Angus Don, 45 Newbold Road, Rugby
Mackintosh, Donald Clements, 105 Abbey St, Rugby
Mann, Francis John, 71 Claremont Road, Rugby
Mansell, Thos Edward, 15 Charlotte Street, Rugby
Marlow, Harry Charles, 29 Chester Street, Rugby
Matheson, John Newbiggin, 36 Newbold Road, Rugby
Meacock, John Arthnr, 25 Manor Road, Rugby
Mellor, Clarence Hedley, 18 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Millar, Stanley Jas, Belgrave, Clifton Road, Rugby
Mitchell, David, 24 Graham Road, Rugby
Mitchelson, Nathaniel Henry, 17 Corbett St, Rugby
Monckton, Harry Charles, 21 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Montgomery, Nell, 56 Manor Road, Rugby
Morgan, John, Crick
Morgan, William George, 62 Windsor Street, Rugby
Morton, Frank Harold, 9 Northcote Road, Rugby
Mucklow, Joseph Edwin, 37 Wood Street, Rugby
Muddiman, Francis Albert, West Haddon
Neal, Charles, 92 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Needham, William Harry, 72 Park Road, Rugby
Newton, Bertram, 15 Park Road, Rugby
Noon, Percy William, 131 Bath Street, Rugby
Noon, Samuel Herbert, 134 Bath Street, Rugby
Norman, Percy, 15 York Place, Rugby
Oakley, John, 5 Grosvenor Street, Wolverhampton
Orland, Thomas, High Street, West Haddon
Pacey, Charles Edward, Newbold-on-Avon
Painton, Cecil James, 26 Acacia Grove, Rugby
Parish, Charles Henry, 130 Bath Street, Rugby
Pearson, Joseph, Marton
Pennefold, Leonard, 21 King Edward Rd, Rugby
Pitham, Harry, 21 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Pitham, John Thomas, 31 Pinfold Street, New Bilton
Pitts, Joe, 108 Claremont Road; Rugby
Pluthero, Cecil, 83 Clifton Road, Rugby
Poole, Jeremiah Chas, 18 Little Elborow Street, Rugby
Powell, John, 76 Craven Road, Rugby
Powers, Lewis, Clifton
Prentice, Francis John, 176 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Pringle, Bruce, 108 Claremont Road, Rugby
Prior, Charles Gordon, 7 Kimberley Road, Rugby
Rainbow, Gilbert William, Hillmorton Wharf
Randall, Edgar Mortimer, Bitteswell
Randle, John Harold, Bitteswell
Rankin, Stanley, 116 Bath Sheet, Rugby
Rawlings, Wilfred, Station House, Charwelton
Reeves, John Clarence, 14 Craven Road, Rugby
Reynolds, Mark Jas Bertram, 78 Oxford St, Rugby
Richards, Albert James, 6 Paradise Street, Rugby
Ridley, Fredk Samuel, 2 St John Street, Rugby
Ridley, John, 92 Abbey Street, Rugby
Ridley, Thomas, 92 Abbey Street, Rugby
Roberts, Wm Henry, 24 Murray Road, Rugby
Robertson, Alex Fullerton, 27 Murray Road, Rugby
Robinson, Herbert Harry, Newbold-on-Avon
Robinson, Maurice Edgar, Catthorpe
Robinson, Ridbd Wilmot, 52 King Edward Rd, Rugby
Rose, James Ashby, 36 Manor Road, Rugby
Rossiter, John Herbert, 17 Victoria Street, Rugby
Rowbotham, Fk Sydney, 43 Lr Hillmorton Rd, Rugby
Roxbee, Arthur Edwin, 60 Pennington. Street, Rugby
Russell, Harold John, 61 Abbey Street, Rugby
Sail, Edwin Charles, 8 South Street, Rugby
Sanders, Laurentz Wm, Buckby Wharf
Satchell, Wm Fredk Watson, 94 Park Road, Rugby
Saunders, John, 128 Wood Street, Rugby
Seamons, Arthur Stephen, Daventry Road, Dunchurch
Seaton, Albert Edward, 2 Pinfold Street, New Bilton
Sebs, Claude Theodore, 56 Bath Street, Rugby
Shanahan, James Cyril, 4 Manor Road, Rugby
Shipman, Walter, Chapel Street, Lutterworth
Siddons, John Walter, Queen Street, West Bromwich
Smith,. John Vincent, Easenhall
South, Raymond Mark, 31 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Southwell, Geo Henry Jas, 28 Claremont Road, Rugby
Spark, Richard Wilfred, 1 Lodge Road, Rugby
Spencer, Alfred Bert, 174 Oxford Street, Rugby
Spencer, James Bartlett, 94 Wood Street, Rugby
Spreadbury, Harry, 7 Lodge Road, Rugby
Squires, Francis John, 145 Claremont Road, Rugby
Steele, Albert William, 54 Windsor Street, Rugby
Steele, Frank Weir, 152 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Stevenson, Edward Ernest, 15 Kimberley Road, Rugby
Stevenson, Thos Henry, 98 Lawford Road, Rugby
Stocks, Frank, 29 James Street, Rugby
Sutton, Edwd Geo Bromwich, 48 Windsor Street, Rugby
Taylor, Charles William, 28 King Street, Rugby
Taylor, William, 92 Murray Road, Rugby
Terry, Frank, 107 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Thompson, Thos Andrew, 174 Lawford Road, New Bilton
Tilley, Horace, Church Street, Clifton
Towers, Percy, Crick
Towler, William Herbert, 23 High Street, Rugby
Tudor, Horace, 8 Sandown Road, Rugby
Tudor, Walter James, 8 Sandown Road, Rugby
Twite, Reginald, 22 Plowman Street, Rugby
Tyers, Henry Percy. 19 Chapel Street, Rugby
Underwood, Walter Henry, Hillmorton Locks
Vale, Edmund Wm, 35 Temple Street, Rugby
Wallace, Charles James, 61 Bridget Street, Rugby
Wallace, Essan, 58 King Edward Road, Rugby
Warington, James, Bryn Euryn, Bilton
Warland, Harold Joseph, Crick
Warner, Sam, Stockton
Washbrook, Herbert, 27 Pinfold Street, New Bilton
Watkiss, Art Douglas, 80 King Edward Rd, Rugby
Watson, George, 95 South Street, Rugby
Watson, John James, 32 Albert Street, Rugby
Webb, Arthur Edward, 16 Alexandra Road, Rugby
Webb, Aubrey William, Ullesthorpe
West, Fredk Osborne, 8 Bridget Street, Rugby
Wheatley, Sam, Bilton
White, Archibald Harry, 12 Lodge Road, Rugby
Widdowson, Rowland, 24 Manor Road, Rugby
Williams, Ralph Walter James, 44 Newbold Rd, Rugby
Wills, John William, 26 Essex Street, Rugby
Winham, Bertie, 6 Chester Street, Rugby
Wolstenholm, Henry, Bolton, Lancs.
Wood, Albert Bowen, 5 Duke Street, Rugby
Wood, Arthur, Boughton Road, Rugby
Wright, Thomas William, Willey
Zeigler, Frank Herbert, 59 Campbell Street, New Bilton

Adey, John Henry, 85 Craven Read, Rugby
Bazeley, George Henry, 8 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Bennett, Wm James, 44 Craven Road, Rugby
Britnell, John, 9 Newbold Road, Rugby
Brookes, Samuel James, Flecknoe
Buggins, Walt Hbt, 17 New Station, Rugby
Burrows, Chas Laurence, 38 Campbell Road, Bilton
Capell, Thomas Richard, Brinklow
Chalk, Arthur, 43 Avenue Road, New Bilton
Cleaver, Joseph, Jessamine Cottage, Yelvertoft
Cole, Fredk George, 58 Campbell Street, New Bilton
Cook, Edward, Long Buckby
Cox, Chas Benjamin, The Green, Long Lawford
Darling, William, 82 Murray Road, Rugby
Davis, Harry, High Street, Hillmorton
Day, Fredk William, 37 Bridget Street, Rugby
Dean, Edwin Jesse, 111 Wood Street, Rugby
Desney, John, 111A Clifton Road, Rugby
East, Henry James, 7 Graham Road, Rugby
Fawkes, Ernest, 46 Campbell Street, New Bilton
Fazakerley, John Hall, 24 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Flavell, William, Harborough Magna
Franklin, James, 78 Windsor Street, Rugby
French, Francis Robert, 95 Cambridge Street, Rugby
Garbelt, Joseph Henry, 16 Bridget Street, Rugby
Garner, Thomas, 30 Newland Street, New Bilton
Gentles, Robert, 49 Pinfold Street, New Bilton
Girling, Walter Edward, The Green, Dunchurch
Hancox, William, 28 Plowman Street, Rugby
Head, George, 50 Winfield Street, Rugby
Hickman, Albert, Harborough Magna
Hobbs, Chas Fredk, 52 Pennington Street, Rugby
Horsman, Harry, Dunchurch
Howe, Harold Wm Walter, Browsover Road, Newbold
Howe, Walter James, 37 Rowland Street, Rugby
Hurlstone, Edwin Thomas, 19 Clarence Road, Rugby
Jennings, Arthur Henry, Dunchurch
Jolley, Charles Wm, 8 Warwick Street, Rugby
Jones, Charles, 36 Sandown Road, Rugby
Kempton, John, 156 Murray Road, Rugby
Kendall, Samuel, Bilton
King, Charles, 47 Union Street, Rugby
King, Sidney, 28 Newland Street, New Bilton
Mason, Harry, 3 Warwick Street, Rugby
Mercer, Thomas, 10 Argyle Street, Rugby
Messling, Basil Claude, 108 Abbey Street, Rugby
Miller, James, 78 Abbey Street, Rugby
Parnell, Wm Cotterell, 44 Clifton Road, Rugby
Peasgood, Ernest Walter, 11 Campbell St, New Bilton
Pebody, Frank Schofield, 22 Union Street, Rugby
Reynolds, Ernest Wm, 18 Dunchurch Road, Rugby
Rose, Edward, 44 Pinfold 8treet, Rugby
Rossiter, Albert Henry, 2 Rowland Street, Rugby
Rowe, John George, Barby
Scivens, Ed James, 59 Sandown Road, Rugby
Sewell, Harry Thos, The Cottage, Clifton Manor, Rugby
Shorthose, William, Hillmorton Paddox
Simpson, Geo, 58 Campbell Street, New Bilton
Sinclair, Fredk James, Newbold-on-Avon
Smith, Herbert Reginald, 38 South Street, Rugby
Smith, Jas Henry, 6 Alexandra Road, Rugby
Stansbridge, James, The Rectory, Harborough Magna
Stopps, Harry Ernest, 75 Sandown Road, Rugby
Stott, Albert Edwd, 3 Corbett Street Rugby
Sumner, George, 4 Campbell Street, New Bilton
Sutton, Walter, 8 Windsor Street, Rugby
Teal, Thos Wilfred, The Gardens, Street Ashton House
Terry, Benjamin, 58, Manor Road, Rugby
Tomes, Walter, 9 Alexandra Road, Rugby
Turnbull, Robert Fredk, 37 Benn Street, Rugby
Turner, Charles, 29 Rowland Street, Rugby
Vears, Harry, Hampstead House, Newbold-on-Avon
Ward, Anthony John, 34 Claremont Road, Rugby
Ward, Wm Arthur, 21 East Street, Rugby
Ward, Wm Irvine, The Cottage, Lower Hillmorton
Watkin, Algernon, Hillmorton Paddox
Waugh, Geottt Wm, 127 Grosvenor Road, Rugby
Webb, Wm Bryan, Newbold-on-Avon
Wellbourne, Wm Edwd, 83 Railway Terrace, Rugby
White, William Herbert, Kilsby
White, William, 35 Graham Road, Rugby
Wilkinson, Alfred, 52 Railway Terrace, Rugby
Woodcock, Charles Leonard, 42 Dale Street, Rugby
Wootton, Arthur, Hillmorton Paddox
Wootton, Henry, 74 York Street, Rugby


Burden, R, 94 Oxford Street, Rugby
Burden, J T, Lodge Farm, Ryton-on-Dunsmore
Quarterman, W Stretton-on-Dunsmore


Of the nearly 200 this week enlisted under the Group System, 75 per cent are single men. A large percentage have been rejected, but this is due to the fact that many, who were aware that they could not join the Army, have applied to be attested in order to protect themselves from being branded as slackers. The numbers attested each day were :—Friday 31, Saturday 42, Monday 48, Tuesday 32, Wednesday 35.


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