Brown, Percy Edwin. Died 25th Sep 1915

Percy Edwin BROWN’s birth was registered in early 1890 in Rugby, and in 1891, he was living at his widowed maternal grandmother’s house at 10 Gas Street, Rugby, with his parents, Rugby born John Brown, and his mother, Harriet, who was born in Hillmorton. By 1901 the family had moved to 153 Lower Street, Hillmorton, and his father was working as a bricklayer’s labourer.

By 1911, Percy had already become a soldier as No. 8533, in the 2nd Bn. Leicestershire Regiment. He was probably in a home depot company, as the bulk of the 2nd Battalion was in India until 12 October 1914, when the Division was brought back from India to France as the British Battalion of the Garhwal Brigade of the 7th Indian Division and landed at Marseilles for service in France.

The early spring of 1915 saw a great hammer blow delivered by British troops on the German position at Neuve Chapelle between 10-13 March 1915. The 2nd Battalion led the brilliant attack on the right … and quickly overwhelmed the enemy holding the trenches covering the village and woods at Neuve Chapelle.[1]

However, according to his Medal Card, Percy would have missed this action as he did not go to France until 1 April 1915, and would have been part of the reinforcements for the Battalion.

On the 25 September 1915 the Battle of Loos began, as the Allies tried to break through the German defences in Artois and Champagne and restore a war of movement. A fuller description of the battle is given elsewhere on this site.

During that first day, Percy was killed, and he has no known grave. He is remembered on the Loos Memorial, which forms the sides and back of Dud Corner Cemetery. His name is included on the 2nd Bn. Panels 42 to 44.

He was awarded the Victory and British medals and the 1915 Star.

[1]       History abstracted from:



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