3rd Jul 1915. Belgians Charged with Theft


Yesterday (Friday), at the Occasional Court, before A E Donkin, Esq, two Belgians – Petre John Van Weser, 15 Rowland Street, Rugby, and Gabriel Joseph Peeters, 65 Pinfold Street, New Bilton – were charged with stealing 21lbs weight of metal, of the value of 17s 6d, the property of Messrs Willans & Robinson, Ltd, on July 1st. – Sergt Brown gave evidence of the recovery of the metal and the arrest of prisoners. Weser stating that the brass articles were given them by another man. – Prisoners were remanded in custody till Tuesday.


SATURDAY:-Before T Hunter & J J McKinnell, Esqrs.

HIS THIRD APPEARANCE.—George Le Clerg, a Belgian labourer, lately lodging in Lower Hillmorton Road, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on June 25th. – P.C Field said at midnight he went in the company of P.C Wakelin to the Lower Hillmorton Road, and there found prisoner very drunk and excited. Witness said the defendant gave more trouble in the town than all the other Belgians put together. On the night in question he had been fighting with his landlord, who had put him into the street, and it was with difficulty the officers got him to the Police Station.-Inspector Lines said this was defendant’s third appearance at the Court for drunkenness this year. – Mr Hunter suggested that prisoner’s employers should be informed of the facts, and asked to get some of the other Belgians to speak to defendant and become responsible for his good behaviour – Defendant was fined 6s, and was warned that if he did not keep himself straight he might be sent back to Belgium.


Mr T Hunter, J.P, C.A, of “ Elmhurst,” Hillmorton Road, has four sons serving in his Majesty’s Army.

S A Hunter, the Midland Counties’ footballer, is in the 4th West Riding Howitzer Brigade, and has been promoted from second-lieutenant to lieutenant. He has about completed a month’s gunnery training on Salisbury Plain, and will then take up his duties again at the depot at Otley, Yorkshire.

The next son, Wilfred Hunter, who was in the Rugby Howitzer Brigade, passed the Sandhurst examination in February, and has been transferred to the Royal Military College, Woolwich. After completing his course there, he will be gazetted to the Royal Garrison Artillery.

L J Hunter, who went out to the front with the Northamptonshire Yeomanry in November, was given a commission in April in the Army Service Corps, and is now at a supply depot at Newcastle-on-Tyne.

F Hunter, the youngest son, who is only 18 1/2 years, passed out of Sandhurst on April 17th, and was gazetted second-lieutenant in the Gordon Highlanders. He was attached to the Royal Flying Corps in May, and on June 11th gained his pilot’s certificate.


Pte Ernest Jas Jackson, of 18 Old Station Square, Rugby, is in hospital at Havre, suffering from the effects of poison gas. He was on the way to the trenches on June 19th when a gas shell burst quite near him. Two men were killed by it, three were wounded, and Pte Jackson and another were affected by the fumes, which have injured the former’s eyes. He enlisted with other old Elborow boys in the 5th Battalion of the Oxford and Bucks light Infantry on September 1st last year, and after a course of training was sent to the front about six weeks ago. Previous to Joining the Army Pte Jackson was employed at the B.T.H Works.


Thirteen recruits have been accepted at the Drill Hall, Park Road, Rugby, during the past week. Their names are :—W Muddiman and J W King, Northants Regiment ; R Graham, Connaught Rangers ; H E Moon, G Ellerton, W Hobley, 220th (Rugby) Fortress Co, R.E ; C Freeman, 216th (Nuneaton) Fortress Co, R.E ; W J Barrett and G Wallace, A.S.C ; G Fairbrother, J A Richards, J A Cresswell, P G G Rose, Corps of Military Police.



The new war loan is being taken up very well indeed locally by small investors through the Post Office. The £5 multiples are the most popular form of investment, the demand for scrips of smaller amounts not being so great as might have been expected. At the Rugby Post Office the staff have done quite a good amount of business in relation to the loan this week, the amount subscribed running into some hundreds of pounds, and quite a substantial sum has been transferred by depositors from the Post Office Savings Bank.

At a meeting on Wednesday the Directors of Willans & Robinson decided to subscribe for £15,000 of war loan, and made application for it following day.


In response to the appeal of Col G M Seabroke (chief officer of the Rugby Fire Brigade), published in our last issue, for six owners of motor-cars to offer the loan of their cars for the conveyance of first-aid appliances in case of an air raid, and for 24 Boy Scouts to volunteer their services in such an eventuality, we are informed that Mr G F Brown, fruiterer, has already offered the loan of his car, and the following members of the 1st Rugby Troop of Scouts have volunteered for duty :-J Andrews, A Anderson, R Smith, C Fenley, W Bailey, A A Cordall, R Hartley, and S Davis.


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