7th Nov 1914. Local War Notes

Colonel H H Mulliner has been appointed Assistant Commandant, and Mr Henry Hawkins, M.F.H (temporary Major), Superintendent of Remount Depots.

The North Division of Warwick Territorials were to leave England this week, and the South Division, which includes Rugby Infantry Company, are due to go a month later.

Stanley E Jones, manager L.C. and Midland Bank, who enlisted as a private in the “ A ” Company, Public School Battalion, Middlesex, has been promoted lieutenant, East Yorkshire Regiment.

Mr G T Hilton, motor engineer, of Rugby, who has been appointed a second lieutenant in the Mechanical Transport Section of the Army Service Corps, had orders to join his ship for France yesterday (Friday).

On Sunday and Monday evenings (All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days) muffled peals in memory of the soldiers and sailors killed in the war were rung on the bells of the Parish Church.
“ Rugby has enlisted a larger number of men, in proportion to its population, than any other town in the country.” This statement was made by Canon Baillie at a meeting at Coventry last week ; and he added that all the young men whom he had known during the 15 years he was rector there were out with the colours.

The following men of E Company (Rugby), 7th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, have been promoted :—Sergt Tomlinson to be colour-sergeant ; Corpls Black and Smith (G) to be sergeants ; Lce-Corpl Ward to be lance-sergeant ; Lce-Corpls Hayes, Robotham, Bromage, and Brereton to be corporate ; Privates Hughes, Green, Hope, Branston, Wells, and Abraham to be lance-corporals. The Company is getting on very well under the present conditions, and will shortly be leaving this country for foreign service.

The useful sum of £1 14s 6d has been collected by Miss May Madden from the customers of the “ Crown ” Hotel, Rugby, for the local Belgian Relief Fund. The amount has been handed to Mr. A. Morson, Benn Buildings.


To the Editor of the Advertiser.

DEAR SIR,—Permit me to make use of your next issue to thank Messrs A James, C M Veasey, A W Adnitt, J Macdonald, H Molsher, W W Shittitoe, A G Salter, W T Crofts, W T Sheasby and assistants, T M Wratislaw, P Croft, R Tait, F Solomon, E J Pollard, H A Lines, H Marvel, T Johnson, also Mrs Aston, Mrs Howard, and the Misses Deane, for so kindly sending the bale of comforts for the men of “ E ” Company per Mr Veasey to me at Witham for distribution. All the volunteers for foreign service received at least one article, and the remainder were distributed among the home service portion of the company. Owing to separation of volunteers and home service men, ” E” Company is very much split up. There are over twenty of them here and a strong machine gun section at Witham, so our parades there were rather small. The men at Waltham Abbey have been here for nine weeks, and consequently could not get any of the comforts Mr Veasey sent, but perhaps he will remember this in the event of more being sent to him for distribution.

All those at Witham desire me to express their thanks and appreciation of the kindness of the donors.—Yours faithfully,
Lieut,7th Batt, R. War. Regt.
Royal Gunpowder Factory, Waltham Abbey, Nov 3.

To the Editor of the Advertiser.

SIR,—Allow us to send through your columns an actual account of the manner in which “ E ” Company, 7th Batt. R.W.R. is fed and billeted. We have had a well-known Rugby gentleman down here this week-end, and he tells us that in the windows of various tradespeople of our town appear “ Menu cards of ‘ E ‘ Co.,” the generous contents of which make our people at home think we are being fed like fighting cocks ; and these accounts, together with the paragraph which appeared in your issue of a fortnight ago, telling of how the reserve battalion was being treated at Coventry, make it very inconvenient for us, as we invariably have to send home for food or money every week to keep us going, such requests to our people being to all appearances under false pretences. You will see from the attached “ menu ” (the correctness of which can be vouched for) that there is a vast difference between the actual and the theoretical. The management of food issued to the 7th Service Battalion leaves much to be desired, and is causing a growing discontentment. The Government grant the same allowance per man to all regiments, and if our reserves can get all that is due to them, why not we ? The facilities for purchasing food and cooking are as good here as at Coventry, and we fail to understand why the difference is made, and if such a distribution is necessary between a service and a reserve battalion, what becomes of the surplus money which must ensue from the food issue of lower value ? Perhaps some of our townsmen will use their influence to have these points cleared up for us, as we are tied by disciplines and cannot ask questions for ourselves.

At this point of the letter we would wish it to be understood that we are in no way grousing at the life and the hardships attached thereto. Every man jack of us is anxious to serve his King and country, and we are all craving to get to the real business in France for the sake of adding to the traditions of dear old Rugby ; but when such misleading accounts are exhibited in our town we feel that we must speak out and let the people know the truth.—Yours truly,

The following is the actual menu of “ E ” Company, 7th Batt R.W.R. :—Breakfast, 1oz. bacon and half-pint of tea unmilked per man ; dinner, 4ozs roast beef or stew, composed of beef, carrots and turnips (potatoes are a rare luxury), per man ; tea, half-pint tea unmilked and jam per man.. Bread, 1lb, and cheese 4ozs per man per day. This is the daily routine of messing, and has never been changed since our mobilisation on August 5.

Witham, Essex, November 2nd.


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