24th Oct 1914. Local War Notes


A number of Old Rugbeians, are mentioned in despatches published this week.

The members of the Crick War Relief Sub-Committee have raised the further sum of £3 2s 9½d in a house-to-house collection.

Up to the present about 200 recruits have been secured towards the 600 required for the 7th (Reserve) Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Mr Alfred Brooke, of 24 Bilton Road, has obtained a commission as Second Lieutenant in the 8th Battalion London Regiment Post Office Rifles.

W D Packwood, second son of Mr C J Packwood, of Rugby, who joined the Colonial contingent, arrived with the force at Plymouth, and has now gone into training at Salisbury Plain.

The first of a new series of six lectures to ladies on first-aid, in connection with the Rugby Branch of the Red Cross Society, was given by Dr Simey, in New Big School on Thursday afternoon. There were about 40 present.

The Coventry City Police on Wednesday arrested 25 alien enemies of military age resident in the city, including the whole of the waiters at the King’s Head, the largest hotel. They will be interned at the Newbury camp. Enquiries show that the number of Germans and Austrians in the city is about 40.


During the last few days the Warwickshire Yeomanry have been notified that they will proceed to a certain destination about October 31st. The regiment will leave on Friday week for a seaport, and proceed from there either on the Saturday or Sunday. Their destination is, of course, unknown, but it will probably be one of the large military camps in the vicinity of the British base, at which place they will continue their training for some time to come. Rumours that they are off to “ the front ” are unfounded, unless the phrase embraces the whole of the continent of Europe. Probably they will continue training for the rest of the winter, and then be put on work such as guarding lines of communication, etc.

C Squadron suffered another misfortune on Monday last, their horses again stampeding. About fifty broke away. Several were injured, and the animal belonging to Trooper F Farndon, of the Rugby Troop, was killed.

The whole of the 1st South Midland Mounted Brigade has now left Newbury Racecourse and gone into billets. The same system that proved so successful at Bury St Edmunds has been adhered to, and all the regiments are split up into squadrons and billeted at farms and large houses. “ C ” Squadron, which includes the Rugby Troop, have very comfortable quarters at a disused mill. The horses are still picketed outside. They are, however, in a field with a south aspect and somewhat sheltered by tall trees, and every care is taken to keep them fit and well. The men consider themselves very fortunate in getting such good billets, and have lost no time in settling down and making themselves comfortable. Though the brigade has been accepted for foreign service, nothing is yet known as to its future movements, and judging by the expense which has been incurred in making the mill comfortable and habitable, it is intended that the troops will remain some time in the neighbourhood.


The War Office issues an urgent call for 1,000 motor drivers and 50 skilled petrol lorry fitters to proceed at once to the front.

Recruiting Headquarters has issued a new poster emphasising the fact that more men are needed at once to complete the second half million for the New Armies and to ” ensure success abroad and safety at home.”


SIR,—I have some money in my hands to spend on warm clothing for the North Sea Patrol flotillas—but want more ! Will you allow me to appeal through your paper to your readers to assist in this good work ? Subscriptions will be acknowledged weekly.—Yours faithfully,
The Manor House, Frankton, Rugby, Oct. 19.


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