26th Sep 1914, Recruiting at Rugby slows


As in other parts of England, recruiting in Rugby, compared with previous numbers, has been very slack during the past few days, and this is no doubt due to the new regulations issued by the War Office. As was intimated last week, the proposal to raise, billet, and feed a battalion at Rugby has been banned by the War Office, and this announcement has caused considerable disappointment in the town as there are a large number of small householders who are practically dependent upon lodgers, and whose rooms are now vacant owing to the rush to join the new army. These would have been only too glad to billet the recruits.

It is felt that the fact that the War Office has acquired Moseley College, Birmingham, as an auxiliary depot to Budbroke, is one of the reasons which caused the alteration in the decision to house and billet the battalions at Rugby and Coventry. Moseley College will accommodate 1,000 men, and will be in working order in a very few days, with Colonel Ludlow in charge.

During the short time which must elapse before the big depots are again open to take recruits, men enlisting, except in a few special regiments which are “ open ” are being sent home and paid at the rate of 3s per day.

“ It speaks well for the patriotism of England,” remarked Colonel Mulliner to our representative, “ that such an arrangement is extremely unpopular, and he added that almost without exception, the men begged to be allowed to get to work at once, urging that they did not come forward to receive an extra 3s per day but to try to serve their country. There is little doubt that this 3s per day has done much to reduce the number of recruits, and directly it is removed, and the men can go straight away to the depots, the number of men presenting themselves for enlistment will be greatly increased.

The raising of the height standard has also stopped some from joining, but in the opinion of Colonel Mulliner, this has not militated nearly so much against recruiting as the fact that the men feel that they are not really wanted if they are sent back to their homes to receive 3s per day.


It must not be supposed that recruiting has been stopped locally. On the contrary, men are still needed, and still more will be required in future, and Colonel Mulliner and his staff are in constant attendance at the Recruiting Office, Park Road, to receive enlistments.


A gratifying letter has been received by Mr J J McKinnell, chairman of the Urban District Council, from Col T Hackett Thompson, commander of the district, expressing his most sincere and grateful thanks for the energetic and patriotic way in which Mr McKinnell and the Urban Council have assisted Col Mulliner in recruiting work. “ I regret that the scheme which was propounded to house, feed, and train recruits in Rugby has temporarily fallen through,” the letter continues ; “ but I am by no means certain that the time will not yet come when such a scheme will still be most necessary, and I am well aware that without the valuable assistance of yourself and your council no such scheme could be successful.”


Chas Hall, clerk to Mr Harold Eaden, solicitor, Rugby, has joined Mr Winston Churchill’s Naval Brigade, and is now training at the Crystal Palace.
E R Gilbert (O.R), son of the late Mr H E Gilbert, Moat Street, has joined the Surrey Yeomanry.

Since our last list of recruits from the B.T.H Works was compiled the following have enlisted :

STAFF: J W Asher, H O Addicott, E Abbott, J H Atkinson, A W Booth, W Black, F W Burbury, W A Batchelor, W Bishop, H Buck, G Caulton, T Collins. C H Chaplain, R Davison, L Davis, D C G Davies, F W Few, T Forrester, F A Flint, F Goodman, T Gaiger, F Hall, H A Harrison, G H Hipwell, A W Hughes, L C Hookings, P F Jones, A W Johnson, O C Latcham, F P Liddington, B C Lane, F G Lovell, A Moore, A J L Koore, E Moorcroft, H F Mann, A Mason, T S Nicholls, F Ritchie, L Rose, J Richardson, H G Swales, E Scotton, A Scragg, F Thistlewood, W G Thompson, E W Timbers, H E Upstone, E C Watkin, H Walden, E Watts, and H M Wheatley.

WORKS: Emmett, Thompson, Fessey, Foss, Humphries, Phillips, Dowdswell, Elkins, Tapper, Moore, Crowther, Dixon, Wilson, Wood, Izzard, Kennard, Clarke, Bramley, Davis, Crosby, Leach, Holme, Thistlewood, Cox, Pee, Allen, Sutton, Taylor, Archer, Leach, Cox, Judge, Harris, Appleby, Lacey, Gould, Richardson, Dearn, Austin, Thomas, Woodford, Eagle, Sargeant, Jones, Phillips, Selby, Moore, Dunham, Burton, Lowndes, Linters, Harper, Bedford, Cashmore, Harratt, Hudson, Russell, Nichols, Young, and Kinnard.

Rugby Advertiser, 26th September 1914

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