12th Sep 1914, Villages Answer the Call

Quite forty have joined the forces from Bishops Itchington, including John Wall, G Walker, F King, L Smith, F Mann, J Robins, J Gubbins, W Bourton, W Boyles, A Taylor, D Townsend, E Morgan, T Gubbins, Smith, Hunt, H Morgan, T Thacker, F Overton, A Boyles, P Parish, R Coleman, C Wall, F Soden, H Sollis, J Dark, A Wilmer, H Potter, W Major, G Garrett, F Major, E Bicknell, W Morgan, and B West.

In addition to names given last week the following have joined :
P H Wykham, Len Glover, F Smith, W Butler, T Coles, Alex Doyle, A Nurberry, G Watts, J Willetts, H Barrs, W Guys, F Ward, and H Watts.

The following names should be added to the Braunston boys who have joined the Colours. The last 16 have joined the Royal Berks, and had a hearty send-off as they marched down the village to the station on Wednesday morning. Most of them had been Boy Scouts, and their marching was very smart. The majority of them belonged to the Football Club, which, in consequence, has been suspended until their return. This detachment brings the total from Braunston up to 64 :-A Luck, Tom Smith, R Fielding, P Taylor, W Dickens, S Capell, Bert Pateman, A Russell, W Nightingale, O Taylor, Fred Rushall, Sid Rushall, Bert Hall, Vic Hall, V Langham, T Smart, G Manning, Rex Hargrave, C Bennett, and J Bass.

George Sargeant has joined Lord Kitchener’s Army, and Phillip Prestige, landlord of the Fox and Hounds Inn, has re-joined the Colours. Mr Prestige has four brothers also serving – two in Colonial regiments, one in the Royal Field Artillery, and one in Lord Kitchener’s Army.

Arthur Hiron, Geo F Dale, Herbert Woodley (King’s Own Rifles) ; Sidney Gould (Royal Marines) ; Jesse Gould (Royal Garrison Artillery) ; Walter Bruce (South Staffordshire) ; Charles Varney and Sidney Druce (Guards) ; Sparks (16th Lancers).

Amongst those who have volunteered for the Army this week are : W H Hutton, W E Bradley, J Hancox, C Trenfield, R Trenfield, W Eden, H Eden, O Brown, E Musto. Others who have left Kineton Station this week have been : Edward Ingram, Idlicote ; Harry Davies, Dunchurch ; Parker, Townsend, W Gilks, W Mander, A E Smith, F Newbury, Radway ; F Woodfield, Oxhill; W Faulkner, Butlers Marston. Joseph Darlow, son of Mr J R Darlow, of Kineton, left on Wednesday for Kitchener’s army.

The roll now contains 50 names. Amongst those added since last report are :
Messrs Geoffrey Grimes, Sidney Lane, Walter Hart, Frank Lane, Arthur Lane, John Askew, Harry Cooke, Albert Poulton, Oliver Poulton, Tom Smith, jun, Charles Biddle, and Fred Kibbler.

David Harris, Wm Thos Hedge, Charles Green, Frederick John Hall, and Arthur Redley.

No less than 48 have gone from this village, as follows :
A Hutchings, R Wagg, P Gamble, E Underwood, S Pettifer, W Pettifer, W Oldham, W Wing, J Mawby, R Colledge, A Colledge, H Hawker, G Hawker, W Watts, E Watts, R Humphries, S Sutton, C West. J West, R Elkington, J Elkington, W Elkington, J Cox, F Cox, G Adams, W Jones, W Hirons, H Adams, F Hopkins, T Howard, C Howard, W Scarlett, J Webb, Price, G Coles, Everton, G Loydall, E Matthews, C Mathews, F Richards, G Payne, J Payne, W Underwood, A Summers, H Elkington, T Cox, and T Jones.

Charles Lea, Edward Rhead, Samuel Masters, and Wm Harris (Guards); Thomas Wright, John Smith, Albert Rhead, Clifford Izzard (Royal Warwickshire Regiment); Albert Bishop (Warwickshire Yeomanry) ; and Percy Keats (King’s Royal Rifles).

Private John Lines and A Taylor (King’s Royal Rifles) ; Tprs Wm Neal and John Pearson (Warwickshire Yeomanry) ; Ptes Walter Shearby and Wm Sheasby (Royal Field Artillery) ; Corpl W Richardson (3rd Grenadier Guards); Ptes John Slade, John Lines, Charles Green, and Victor Bygraves (R.F.A) ; Ptes Aubrey Izod and Frank Izod (Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry) ; Pte Harold Justice (Coldstream Guards) ; Pte James Tibbs (6th Warwicks) ; Ptes Wm Alsop and Walter Lines (East Kents) ; Ptes Clifford Hemmings and Frank Hands (Lancers) ; Leonard Bradbury (Army Service Corps). Navy : Able Seaman F F Burden (H.M.S Minerva) ; Wm Watson and Walter Fessey (H.M.S London).

Edward Jackson (lieutenant, 3rd R.W.R) ; G W Ball (Lancers) ; John Woodford and Henry Philpotts (South Staffordshire Regiment) ; James Clarke (King’s Own Rifles) ; Paul Edwards ; Charles Clarke, Archer Makepeace, Ernest Makepeace, William Makepeace (9th Royal Warwickshire Regiment) ; G T Bates (Hussars) ; Sidney Sleath, Fred Goldsmith, and Alf Lewis (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) ; Thomas Douglas (Royal Artillery), A R Perrin (Royal Engineers), Harold A Ball (Australian Field Hospital) ; Thomas Davenport (Rifle Brigade) ; John H Perry (R.A.M.C) ; and Thomas Andrews (Hon Artillery Company).

A large number of men responded to the call to arms last week ; but a few, to their great disappointment, were rejected as being medically unfit. Most of the following recruits and reserves left the village amid cheers on Tuesday morning :
William Bloxham, Harry Bloxham, Walter Radburn, Fred Ward, John Tompkins, Herbert Wing, Sidney Ward, John Mead, Charles Kenning, William Kenning, Alf Kenning, Herbert Hobday, Percy Glover, Herbert Gunton, John Gunton, George Damsell, Algernon Halliday, Fred Coles, William Billington, William Barry, and William Poole.

SHAWELL (Supplemental List).
C Farmer (Royal Field Artillery), and C Bramley (King’s Royal Rifles). The former has gone to Portsmouth and the latter to Winchester.

William Golby, Sidney Hammond, Arthur F Hancock, Thomas J Robinson, Herbert Payne, Chas W Dicks, and Jack Webb (King’s Own Rifles) ; Lieut W Bonn, Thomas Hitchcock, Alf Perkins and William Patty (Leicester Yeomanry) ; Walter Emery (Warwickshire Yeomanry) ; Thomas Ward (Engineers) ; Wm J Young and A Baker (Royal Artillery) ; Edward Hull (Hon Artillery Company).

The following left Tysoe on Wednesday to join Lord Kitchener’s Army : Joseph Smith, Harry Woodfield, Percy Walker, Walter Townsend, James Hancox, and Bert Walker.

WEST HADDON is doing its part in this time of national need. The following are members of H.M Navy, Army, and Territorial Forces :
Hon E A FitzRoy, M.P (Life Guards) ; Lieut O FitzRoy (R.N.) ; Midshipman M FitzRoy (R.N) ; Capt R Gordon (Wiltshire Yeomanry) ; Q.M Sergt Underwood, Sergt S Darker, and Corpl W James (Northants Yeomanry) ; T Osborn (R.N) ; F Raborn and J Nicholls (A.S.C) ; G Booker (Life Guards) ; R Naisby, T Goodman, and R Gardner (Northamptons) ; E Woodford and T Hancock (R.F.A) ; C Dove (A.S.C) ; W Goodman (R.G.A). The following have enlisted in the new Army (four not being accepted) :-M FitzRoy, C Parsons, J Steel, – Scotney, R Chitty, G Gurney, A Say, C Gurney, J Clarke, F Incley, C Nicholls, H Randall, W West, G Townley, S Cockram, L Atterbury, H Baxter, W Hancock, E Hancock, J Dunkley, G Dove, and F Dove.

George Wright and Bruce Nash (9th R.W.R).

John Haycock, Percy Ingram, and James W Parnell (9th R.W.R)

Walter Bishop (9th R.W.R).

George Pennington and Richard Crocksford have rejoined the Lancers and Warwicks respectively. In addition to these, Charles Johnson (reservist 2nd Northamptons) is serving with the Expeditonary Force, and William Clarke with the Royal Marines.

F W Asher, H Astil, R Adnitt, H Bacon, R Bartlett, D Bartlett, J Bayliss, T Boneham, W Brown, H Brown, W Booth, F Burton, C Barratt, F Barratt, L Chamberlain, W Chamberlain, H Chamberlian, C Cashmore, G Cashmore, E Crisp, T Cockerill, F Clarke, F Chambers, C Day, V Davenport, A Dunckley, F Dunckley, C England, E Fitter, F Finch, C Fletcher, R FitsMaurice, T Forester, T Gearing, T Goodman, G Griffiths, T Hinde, W Hancocks, C Hancocks, W Hobley, A Hirons, L Hirons, T Hewitt, J Haigh, E Hopkins, D Hopkins, W Haddon, C Matthews, P Mace, F Morgan, J Mole, T Newberry, G Reed, A Rainbow, N Roberts, P Roberts, H Rigby, C Slade, H Smith, H Smith, J Shaw, J Stevens, J Taylor, G Thornicroft, G Webb, H Webb, W Webb, E Watts, E Walduck, W. Wadsworth.
Total 71. Of these no less than 18 are members of the Temperance Club- besides two already in the Territorials ; and of this Miss Fenwick feels very proud. A full list is being placed on the Church door, which will be added to as others from the village leave.

The following from Grandborough, Woolscott, and Sawbridge, have joined Lord Kitchener’s Army ; the majority having enlisted in the Royal Horse Artillery : J Coling, J Dale, V J Bygrave, J Spencer, T I Coles, F W Coles, H C Seaton, A Coling, P Coling, L W Gilks, W T M Fevers, F Tabor, C Green. In addition to these, George Briscoe is with the Warwickshire Yeomanry.

The following have gone from Clifton: Messrs W J Boyes, H Robinson, C S Hatton (R.W.R) ; C Crane, R G Flowers, E W Sutton (Rugby Howitzer Battery ) ; W Darlow, J H Batchelor, H Green (R.F.A) ; J Pescow, W J Hutt (Northants Regiment) ; R Allan, W Shaw (Northants Yeomanry) ; W J Bridgman (Wiltshire Regiment) ; W J Gilks, R Wade, A Clarke, F Jenkins, A Loydall (9th Lancers) ; J Vale, H A Harrison, T L Fee (Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry) ; T Middleton (16th Hussars) ; B Trimmer, J Williams, C Gardner, F Colbran, W Sleath, F Sleath, W Lintern, H Lake (King’s Royal Rifles) ; L Chalfield (Army Service Corps) ; and H Tailby (Royal Engineers). This constitutes five per cent of the total population of the village.

Those who have joined the Colours at Newton are : J Gurney, A Hammond (R.W.R) ; L Gilks, J Sutton, W Sutton, P Bromwich, and T Spriggs (Howitzer Battery) ; E Rollins, A Justice, F Tew, H Hammomd, W Hammond, and F Sutton (Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry) ; F Glover, W Moore, and T Townsend.

Further list : L Rose, W Gillings, H Sparkes, W White, H Davis, G Brown, M Nickells, W Sweeny, J Sweeny, E Walton, W Hirons, W Ridout.

In addition to those mentioned last week, the following have joined :- J Crofts and Harold Freeman (Royal Field Artillery) ; T Reeves (King’s Royal Rifles) ; Tom England (1st Warwicks) ; W Gilbert, and T Bourton. Arthur Lines has rejoined his old regiment, the Dublin Fusiliers, with which he fought through the Boer War and was taken prisioner.

H Norman is serving as gunnery lieutenant on H.M.S Gloucester, which has been in action twice already.

This parish has an excellent list to its credit. It is as follows :
In the Regular Army previous to the war : Arthur Dipper and George Dipper (Coldstream Guards) ; Geo J Warren, Fred Linnett, Jos Smith, and George Boneham (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) ; Percy Edmans (South Staffordshire Regiment) ; Wardopp Simpson (4th Dragoon Guards) ; W Donald Watson (Royal Scot’s Greys) ; Alf E Smith, Albert H Smith, Wm Percival Smith, and John J Waters (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) ; Austin B Smith (R.F.A) ; Herbert J Skinner (Army Service Corps) ; George Hibler (Rifle Brigade) ; Jos Kibler (Royal Welsh Fusiliers).
Territorial Forces : Harry Harvey,
Warwickshire Yeomanry ; Stephan Wells, Thomas Finch, Wm Fawdrey, John Sargent, and George W Jackson (7th Warwickshire Regiment).
Enlisted in Lord Kitchener’s Army : George Richardson, Isaac Warren, James Boneham, John Atkins, Wm Oldham, Wm Roberts, T Linnett, G Henry Humphries, Arthur Savage and L Turrell (King’s Royal Rifles) ; Homer Warren (Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry) ; Chas Fred Robbins, Chas Richardson, and Fred Hobday (Royal Warwickshire Regiment); E A Nix, Harry G Nix, and David Howkins, (Royal Berkshire Regiment) ; Chas Hancox, Chas Brookes, Frank Wilcox, Alf Falconbridge, and J Nicolas (Worcestershire Regiment).
Royal Navy : Herbert F Robbins (Royal Marines), Fred W Kibler, and Albert Lockett. Previously in Regular Army or Reserved Forces, 17 ; in Territorial forces, 6 ; joined Lord Kitchener’s Army, 22 ; Navy, 3 ; total 48.

During the past week the following young men have answered their country’s call:
Leonard Glover, chauffeur to Sir Theo Biddulph, Bart, gone to drive a motor transport wagon ; Alec Doyle, Percy Buggins, George Holloway, Fred Hirons (Oxford and Bucks Regiment) ; Bert Hollis (7th Warwicks) ; Bert Goodwin (Royal Artillery, Halifax). Other volunteers were : Gerard Blundell and Charles Hyde, but these were not the standard height

Messrs John Cooper, Frank Albert Howes, Alphonso Daniel Peake, Wm Edward Skinner (Reservists) ; Wm Fiddler and John Edward Grimsley (Territorials) ; George Ed Bates, George Bird, Sidney Cross, Wm Ewart Devonport, John Wm Hickman, John Chas Howes, Thomas Isom, Wm Payne, James Owen Steane, and Marvin Towers (Lord Kitchener’s Army).

John Haycock, James Parnell, and Percy Ingram (4th Battalion R.W.R), at Freshwater, Isle of Wight.

Recruiting here has still been very brisk. Mr T Powell has sent quite a large contingent from Wolston and the surrounding district. Amongst these were Mr D W Anderson, dental surgeon, of Coventry, who resides at Wolston and who has disposed of his business in order to fight for his country, and Mr T Mirams, the late Conservative agent for the Rugby Division. The following is the complete list to date :
From Wolston : J Lixenfield, H Smith, H Pathfield, G Worsey, and S Poxon, Royal Engineers ; W Powis, T Allen, T Thetford, and W Flowers, Royal Artillery ; F Elliott, G Owen, J Davis, T Walton, W Owen, E Lissaman, J Atkins, E Flowers, and A H Bunney, Warwick ; T Webb, W Webb, R Wells, F Howard, and H Orton, Royal Worcester ; L Greenway, H Warren, and G Postlethwaite, Oxford and Bucks Yeomanry ; W Flowers, Rifle Brigade ; A Dunbar and W Williams, Army Ordnance Corps ; D W Anderson, A H Main, and T Mirams, Hussars ; R Butlin, King’s Royal Rifles ; W Jameson, 18th Hussars.

W C Colledge, Royal Engineers ; H Everton, E Chambers, G Barwell, and H Mitchell, Royal Artillery ; F Webb, Royal Worcesters ; E Archer and F Cox, Oxford and Bucks Yeomanry ; C Ward and B Banbrook, Rifle Brigade ; G Webber, Coldstream Guards ; Ralph Wadley, Gloucester Regiment.

F Copeman, W Copeman, W Hanoox, and B Hall, King’s Royal Rifles ; F Garner, Royal Artillery ; J Castle, Staffordshire Regiment ; J Daniel, Royal Navy.

S Ward and W Radburn, Oxford and Bucks Yeomanry ; S Read and J Jeacock, Royal Warwicks ; W Green and R Parker, Royal Worcesters ; P C Trenchard, Army Service Corps.

F Gothard and S Treen, Royal Worcesters.

D Saunders, J A Stevens, and F E Timms, Royal Worcesters.

G Waits, Royal Worcesters.

F Hopkins, Royal Warwicks.

The following volunteers were not passed :
F Gurney, J Billington, A G Bunney, R Patfield, L Powell, H Barton, G Makepeace, R Poulter, W Askew, and J Leech, all of Wolston ; W Sheasby, Bretford ; W Dunning, Ryton

John Wheildon (Warwickshire Yeomanry) ; Harry Bramble (10th Hussars) ; Harry Nash (7th Rifle Brigade) ; William Higgins and Wilfred Edden (R.F.A, British Expeditionary Force) ; Clementine Brisker (Royal North Lancashire Regiment) ; Sergt John Stevens (M.W.S Fort St George, Madras) ; John Page (2nd Royal Warwickshire) ; Andrew Webb (Army Reserve) ; George Olds (Royal Warwickshire Regiment).



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