12th Sep 1914, Rugby Residents’ Sons

The following young men, sons of prominent Rugby residents, have joined the colours :- Mr John McKinnell, son of Mr J J McKinnell, Hon Artillery Company ; Mr Arnold J G Hands and Mr Neville Hands, sons of Mr F E Hands, Hon Artillery Company and 7th Royal Warwickshire Regiment respectively ; Mr H N Salter and Mr Lewis Salter, sons of Mr H S Salter, O.T.C, 4th Leicesters and Rugby Howitzer Battery respectively ; and Mr R E Barnwell, son of Mr E F Barnwell, of Dunchurch Road, has joined the Hon Artillery Company.

Two well-known Rugby Churchmen-Messrs Tom Halliwell and Fred Morley-left the town on Tuesday to join the Army Medical Corps. Other Church-workers who have enlisted are : Mr T Lord, who is now in the Royal Engineers, and Mr H Hadley, who has joined the Royal Field Artillery.

Mr Bernard Relton, son of Dr Bernard Relton, of Rugby, has joined the Foreign Service Battalion of the Hon Artillery Company, and a nephew of Dr Relton, Lieut G C Relton, Old Rugbeian, is in the 1st Battalion of the East Surrey Regiment. He is one of the officers reported to be missing. A nephew of Mrs Relton, Lieut Gordon Ball, is attached to the Royal Flying Corps, and is now at the front.

Gerald Loverock, son of Mr Lewis Loverock, has joined the Rugby Howitzer Battery ; L J Hunter, son of Mr T Hunter, J.P, C.C, has joined Mr Cross’s Troop of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry, now stationed at Dunstable ; and W C Hunter, another of Mr Hunter’s sons, has enlisted in the Rugby Howitzer Battery, and is now undergoing training at Chelmsford. E Wiggins (son of Mr W Wiggins) is also a member of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry. Two sons of Mr J E Cox, J.P, of Lodge Farm, Long Lawford, have enlisted. Grenville Muriel, son of Mr W D Muriel (hon secretary to the Hospital of St Cross) ; Cecil Brooks (son of Mr E W Brooks, manager of the Portland Cement Works) ; Thos Walding (son of Mrs Walding, of The Limes, Hillmorton Road), and quite a number of others, including several pupils at the B.T.H Works, have joined the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, and left for Oxford on Friday last week. These comrades in arms have now been transferred to Camberley, T J G Lane,son of Mr J H Lane, of the Windmill Hotel, has joined the Rugby Howitzer Battery.

Mr Frank H Neville, assistant master at St Matthew’s Boys’ School, Rugby, has been given a commission in the Regular Army as second-lieutenant.

Mr A K Bennett, son of Mr A F Bennett, of Elmdon House, Rugby, has been appointed to a second-lieutenancy in the New Army. He is at present at the Oxford University camp, Churn, near Didcot, pending instructions as to which unit he is to join.


An interesting service took place in the Wesleyan Schoolroom on Sunday afternoon, when good-bye   was said to several members of the Young Men’s Class who had enlisted. Mr Wheatley (the teacher) gave an address, and Mr W C Musgrave (superintendent), in the name of the school, wished the recruits God-speed. Appropriate hymns were sung, including God be with you till we meet again, following which Mr Musgrave called for three cheers ; but many of those present were so overcome with emotion that they could not join heartily in this demonstration of goodwill. A collection was made on behalf of distressed boys and girls in Belgium, and the sum of £2 16s 6d was realised. This was sent to the Belgium Embassy in London, and a formal acknowledgement of the amount has since been received. The recruits from the Sunday School included Neville Hands, W Hopkinson, E Abbott, Bert Snutch. F Butler, L J Smith, Stanley Pryce, and F Dyche. H Reynolds, another scholar, has since volunteered.


Quite a good proportion of the players of Rugby F.C have joined the Army. A J Harris, the vice-captain, is already on active service in France ; R Friend has joined the Rugby Howitzer Battery, who have been accepted for duty abroad ; and others who are known to have joined the colours include :-J Crofts, G Osborne, G Reynolds, G White, A Bates, H Thompson, P W Clarke, A Ashworth, F Judge, and O Wootton. Harold Wood volunteered, but, much to his regret was rejected because he has varicose veins.


A good number of Messrs Foster & Dicksee’s employees have left to join different branches of His Majesty’s Army. Lieut P H Wykeham and A Groudle have gone from the staff, and the following are the names of employees who have enlisted :-H Phillips, S R Fleet, H Stevens, P Keyte, S Garrett, H Sheffield, H Webber, W Cleaver, W Hopkinson, A Dodd, T Bayliss, F T Evans, R Salmon, T Shone, N Roberts, G Bayliss, H Tailby, and W Ridout.

WILLIANS & ROBINSON, LTD.-Fourth list. Joined since Thursday, September 3rd :- Workmen : C Driver, G T Lines, T J West, A Cope, E G Makepeace, – Smith, N Macgregor, Chas Norman, – Cryer, F Knee, John Crofts, P Gamble, T W Ellerton, F A W Lee, F A Shelley, – Walters, – Jones, E A Dinan, C H Hemming, W Robins, – Wollaston, – Oakley, G Hubbard. Staff : H Prestidge, J Bowden, J McEwen, L G Smith.

Employees of the Rugby Co-operative Society who have enlisted are : H Louch, T Bunting, T Howes, R Baker, A Cole, H Waddoups, W Owen, D Gauld, H Renshaw, A Pennington, H Garner, F Chambers, and G Veasey (Police Reserve).

RUGBY PORTLAND CEMENT WORKS.-A Everton, F Shepberd, W Langham, H Smith, J W Cooper, W Curtis, W E Montgomery, W Button, J Williams, F A Smith, S Masters, R Fleet, G T Wills, G Bates, G Pettifer, E Underwood, L Hill, J W Parnell, A Reynolds, W Dodson, T Smith, W J Ellis, and C West.

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