5th Sep 1914, Warwickshire Yeomanry on the move

After spending a fortnight under canvas in Livermere Park, near Bury St Edmunds, the regiment, with the rest of the 1st South Midland Mounted Brigade, struck camp early on Friday morning and proceeded to march in the direction of Bungay, where they had been told they would be stationed for some time. After leaving Livermere, however, different instructions were received and the men were told they would not go to Bungay at all. Two days were spent marching through country districts, the whole Brigade bivouacing in parks or fields at nights. On the third day the whole brigade entrained at different stations, twelve long trains being necessary to take the men, horses, guns, transport and supply column, etc, to Berkshire, via London, where they arrived on Monday. For several nights now the men had slept in the open, lying on a waterproof sheet and wrapped in a blanket. It is probable that they will be without tents a great deal during the next few months, but few of them mind this. At present the nights are warm, and a saddle makes a good pillow, and men who have been working hard for perhaps 17 hours sleep well. They were all delighted with their reception at all the towns and villages they passed through on the march. During the two days they were marching through Suffolk and Norfolk every village turned out en masse on their approach. Apple, pear, and plum trees were quickly stripped by their owners, who then stood at the roadside giving the fruit to the troops as they went past. Fruit, biscuits, water, and bottles of beer were handed up with the greatest of liberality.
Cherne in the same county it is expected will be the next place for the regiment.


Efforts are being made by Lieut-Col R B Charteris to raise another squad of 120 men for active service abroad, with the Warwickshire Yeomanry. Old yeomen and men who can ride and shoot will receive preference. Application for enrolment should be made to the Headquarters, St John’s, Warwick, daily between the hours of 11 a.m and 5 p.m.


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