22nd August 1914 – The Roll of Honour

The following are the full lists of men who have gone on military service from the two great engineering works in Rugby :-
Members of the staff :-
Painter, L R Gilks, F B Brodribb, L L Rees Mogg, V G A Sparkes, F T Lambert, W A Pattison, E Scrivener, W Heath, A J Hobby, J W Taylor, J W Collier, J Craig, and E K Saunders.
Workmen :-
S Hart, T H Marriott, G H Linen, G L Baker, J W Sargent, A S Hutchins, D A Fothergill, A C Boyes, F E Bathe, V A Aldous, J Waldon, A Hammond, C A Johnson, R W Bennett, W E Hough, W E Clarke, D Manning, J Moreton, C Elliott, W Kendall, D A Manning, F Russell, O Rodgers, F Lines, F W Wetherington, G Watson, F C Worrall, C Spicer, W Alsop, C Cope, F Bosworth, F W Rixom, J Fenton, N Thatcher, F Barrett, J Wood, W Kay, P Shaw, D H Sampson, J Jones, W Jones, W J Harris, J Ellcome, J E Kidd, A Colledge. J Edkins, W H Crouch, W R North, W G Akers, F Richards, J Overton, W Slatcher, H Bradley, S H Cross, A Smallwood, J Grimsley, H Perkins, A Hill, G Hawker, F J Baldwin, H Jarvis, A H Drury, W J Turner, A Rivers, A B Fothergill, W Everard, H T Watts, G Bouham, W H Waine, Dale, C Steel, J Waldron, W Hence, G J Hicks, and A Ashworth.

Purton, Loydall, Gardenfeld, Lee, Ahlvik, England, Scotton, Robinson, Lamb, Gee (i), Gee (ii), Clarke, Gardner, Whyment, Roberts, Hall, Turner, Dugan, Vertigans, Cooper, Brown, Seymour. Bacon, Webb, Ward, Hutt, Ainsworth, Spriggs, Threfall, Giddens, Hickton, Glenn, Warren, Purton, Walton, Altree, Robinson, Staines, McCoy, Holland, Judge, Ledsam, Hancox, Pritchard, Odershaw, Scott, Bennett, Walters, Kinden, Trapp, Doe, Garratt, Mitchinson, Staniforth, Dunkley, Hutton, England, Nicholls, Kimber, Adams, Scotton, Turner, Powell, Butler, Davenport, Sayers, Wimberley, Lee, Mart, Avery, White, Cosserat, Hunter, Young, Montgomery (i), Montgomery (ii), Hyde, Barratt, Latimer, Wise, Robbins, Davies, Marren, Gerney, Kind, Quinlan, Griffiths, Whittle, Hadfield, Chant, Sutton, Watkins, Isom, Bradley, Peake, Wilkins, Angell, Palmer, Chandler, Dosher, Evans, and Lamb.

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