22nd August 1914 – Local War News

The 7th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment are now at Leighton Buzzard, the whole division having been moved there and scattered over a large area. Swindon was left on Saturday night. They were given a good send-off by the Swindonians, among whom they had made many friendships. Capt E Rotherham, of the Coventry Company, is in command. Orders have been received for the Company to remove to Brentwood (Essex) next week. A member of the Company writes :- “ Our travels since August 2nd are worth mentioning :- Aug. 2, Rugby to Rhyl ; Aug. 3, Rhyl to Rugby ; Aug. 4, Rugby to Coventry ; Aug. 5, Coventry to Warwick ; Aug.. 9, Warwick to Swindon ; Aug. 15, Swindon to Leighton Buzzard, and, to cap the lot, we are moving again about Friday to Brentwood, and expect we shall end up in Berlin.”

As various rumours have been current recently as to the future movements of the Warwickshire Yeomanry, it may be as well to state the real facts. The whole regiment is stationed within a few miles of Bury St Edmunds, and is likely to be there for at least two months. All rumours as to the regiment being sent to Egypt, Malta, or Belgium immediately are pure fabrications. The authorities have no intention of any such thing. After two or three months of strict training, the men who volunteer for foreign service may be sent abroad. The others will most probably return nearer home. Meanwhile the men are Straining hard to fit themselves for any eventuality.

The N.C.O’s and men of the 5th Warwick Howitzer Battery, now stationed at Swindon, have passed the following resolut ion in appreciation of all that has been done for them by Col H H Mulliner :-
It is the wish of all the members of the Battery to tender their very best thanks to you for the good friend you have always been and for your keenness in always doing your best for us. We feel we owe you a deep debt of gratitude. We have volunteered for active service and hope to be accepted. Wherever we are we shall always hold a warm corner in our hearts for our Honorary Colonel.. On behalf of the 5th Battery, (signed) Brigade Sergeant Major HOPEWELL, Quarter Master Sergeant PAINTER.

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