Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1914

1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment was in Shorncliffe at the outbreak of the war on 4 Aug 1914 and was in the 10th Brigade which was part of the 4th Division in which it remained till the end of the war. They landed in France on the 22 Aug and took up positions.

On the outbreak of war the 4th division was quartered in the Eastern command (Woolwich, Shorncliffe, Dover and Colchester) and mobilised there. The division concentrated at Harrow on the 18 and 19 Aug began entraining at Harrow on 21 Aug crossed to France on 22 Aug entrained for the front on the 23 along the 24 detrained at Bohain, Busigny, le Cateau, and Bertry. On the 25 the 4th division advance to cover the withdrawal of the 3rd division (3 Corps) and 19th Infantry Brigade

2nd Battalion was in Malta at the outbreak of war on 4 Aug 1914. They landed in England 19th Sep and joined the 22nd Brigade 7th Division at Lyndhurst. They landed at Zeeburgge 6th October 1914 and took up positions.

The division had no existence before the outbreak of war; it was gradually assembled at Lyndhurst between 31 Aug and 4 Oct 1914. The 12 infantry battalions included the 3 remaining unallotted regular battalions left in England, as well as 9 battalions brought back from various overseas stations, viz Guernsey (1), Gibraltar (2), Malta (2), Cairo (1), Natal (1) and the Transvaal (2). The mounted troops included an existing Yeomanry Regiment as well as a cyclist company, formed on mobilisation. The Field Artillery was made up by one RFA brigade (XIV of 2 batteries) and one the RFA Brigade (XXXV) still left at home, together with one RFA Brigade (XXII) from the Transvaal. The 2 heavy batteries were new units formed at Woolwich after the outbreak of war, and the field companies came from Chatham and Pretoria. The three ASC companies (39, 40 and 42) came from Gibraltar, Malta and Pretoria but the remaining company 86 was a new formation.

The 7th division embarked at Southampton on the 4 and 5 Oct and began disembarkation at Zeeburgge on 6 Oct. The division moved to Bruges on 7 Oct and reach Ghent on 9 Oct. During the night of 11/12 Oct retirement on Ypres was begun and the place was reached on the 14. The 7th division served on the Western front in France and Belgium until 17 Nov 1917.

Emblazoned Battle Honours Great War 1914
Le Cateau 26th Aug
Battle of the Marne 6 to 9 Sep
Ypres 1st Battle Sep – Oct

Accredited Battle Honours Great War 1914
Retreat from Mons: 25 Aug – 5 Sep
Aisne 13 to 20 Sep
Langemarck 21 to 24 Oct
Armentieres 13 Oct to 2 Nov
Nery 1st Sep (1/Royal Warwickshire Regiment and 2/Royal Dublin Fusiliers 10th Brigade)

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