15 Aug 1914 – Employers Promise to Reinstate their men

The following undertaking by local employers of labour has been generally signed, as the signatures given below will indicate:-
“We, the undersigned employers of labour in and about Rugby, announce to all those employed by us that we will reinstate, as far as possible, on the expiration of mobilisation, all men who shall have left us to serve in the Reserve or Territorial Forces:-
Rugby Urban District Council.
Willians & Robinson, Ltd
B.T.H. Company.
T Babbedge & Son.
Burton & Co.
C Cockerell.
Joseph Ellis & Sons.
W Flint.
Foster & Dicksee, Ltd.
A Frost & Sons.
T hall & Co.
G E Hicks & Son.
F Dadley Hogg.
T Hunter.
W J Heel.
G S Kilborn.
Lavender & Harrison.
J Liddington.
Linnell & Son, Ltd.
J J McKinnell.
Samuel Over.
J Parnell & Son.
“Rugby Advertiser,” Ltd.
Rugby Gas Company.
Rugby Lamp Co., Ltd
Rugby Coal & Coke Co.
Rugby Portland Cement Company.
Rugby Sparking Plug Company.
W E Robotham.
W G Walding.
Wells Bros.
J Young.
Walton & Son.
A Aviss.

(Rugby Advertiser 5 Aug 1914)

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