5th August 1914

The following notice was posted at the Drill Hall on Wednesday :
“ His Majesty the King having been graciously pleased to order by proclamation that direction be given to the Army Council for embodying the Territorial Force, all men belonging to the said force are required to report themselves immediately at their headquarters.” Some Territorials living in surrounding villages did not get their mobilisation orders until Wednesday, when a number of them presented themselves at the Drill Hall in accordance with instructions.


Instructions were received on Wednesday morning [5th Aug] by the 1st (Rugby) Troop of the Imperial Yeomanry to join the “ C ” Squadron at Coventry at 3 p.m that day, and thence proceed to the regimental headquarters at Warwick to await further orders. The troop was directed to muster at their Squadron headquarters dis-mounted, and it was arranged for them to make the journey to Coventry by the 2.28 p.m train. Most of the troopers were accompanied to the station by friends who gave them a cordial send-off, handkerchiefs being waved and good wishes expressed as the train left the station.



Instructions have been given to the Rugby Howitzer Battery to proceed to Swindon. They are allowed seven days from Wednesday to mobilise, and will make the journey by train when arrangements for their transit can be completed.

Since their return from camp at the beginning of the week the Rugby Howitzer Battery have been kept together, using their headquarters for meals and for sleeping purposes. The horses are also in a field adjoining, and the men have a certain amount of cleaning up and other work to do, in addition to which they go out for exercise and drill each day. On the whole, they are spending the time of waiting pleasantly, discussing the war news and so on, and those not on duty at the headquarters are given leave daily to come into the town and visit their friends, or pass an hour or two as they may feel disposed. It in expected they will leave Rugby for Swindon on Monday night [10th Aug].


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